Where to Travel to in Each Month in 2024

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January: Mexico

January is usually a dreary winter month for those of us stuck in the northern hemisphere – so escape the gray of winter and exchange them for the sunny beachy vibes of Mexico! January is one of the best times of year to visit Mexico as the weather is dry and warm, without the crowds that visit in December. Enjoy beaches, cenotes, Mayan ruins, AMAZING food, and more.

Woman in yellow jacket stands in front of Los Cuernos in Chile, Patagonia

February: Patagonia

If you have ever dreamed of the best hiking destination in the world – Patagonia is it. Patagonia in February is peak summer – an incredible time to hike with slightly fewer crowds than the holidays in January with nice, long days. Be sure to pack layers though, even in summer Patagonia can be quite windy and chilly! Best tip: book your Patagonia trip as EARLY as possible as lodging and tours fill up quickly! Choose to visit Patagonian Chile or Patagonian Argentina – or both if you are feeling extra adventurous!

March: Costa Rica


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April: Puerto Rico

Springtime in Puerto Rico is a dream. In April, Puerto Rico is warm and dry – it’s before the rainy season and after the winter travel rush. Crowds will be moderate following spring break and prices will be on the rise, but April is not quite peak season so you can still find solitude in nature and enjoy lower-than-peak prices. Fully take in all of the beaches, stunning architecture, rainforest hiking, and more on this incredible slice of paradise.

Woman in yellow dress poses in front of Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico

May: Bali

Catch Bali in dry season in May – you can expect mostly sunny and warm days with some intermittent rain showers (don’t worry, they usually don’t last long!). Most tourists flock to Bali in June, so coming in May will help you beat out the crowds and let you enjoy lower prices than peak season. Bali is one of the most popular destinations to visit in 2024 for a reason – it’s chock-full of things to see and do such as visiting temples, swimming in waterfalls, sunbathing on beaches, diving beautiful reefs, hiking volcanoes, walking through rice terraces, and so much more. Trust me, it’s worth the long flight!

June: Portugal

June is hands-down the best month to visit Portugal. Days are warm without being overly hot – perfect for enjoying outdoor adventures and all of the absolutely stunning beaches and coastlines of Portugal. Summer crowds aren’t quite in full force either, but you can expect busier times during festival season. Make sure you try port here and dry a few day trips out from the cities – there is so much to see and enjoy here!

Woman in yellow jacket stands in front of Quilotoa Lake in Ecuador

July: Croatia

July is the BEST month to visit Croatia – long summer days and hot temperatures make enjoying both city and nature adventures spectacular – when it gets too hot just head down to the ocean! The absolute best adventure in July? A sailing trip around the islands! The only downside of Croatia in July is that everyone else knows it’s the best month too, so expect huge crowds and high prices – but I think it’s worth braving the crowds! To save money, stay just outside the towns; it’s easy to bus or drive in. To avoid the crowds, try a hiking or sailing adventure.

August: Greece

Greece in August is definitively high season – meaning higher prices and peak crowds, but don’t let that deter you! August is hot and dry, which is perfect for beachy outdoor adventures. My best tip to save money and enjoy a bit more quiet is to leave the mainland, and find your adventure out on the smaller islands. Rent a car/atv/or scooter, and drive to a beach off of the “best of” lists and there you’ll find stunning blue waters and plenty of space to enjoy yourself. Be sure to eat plenty of fresh Greek food and try each island’s specialities. 

September: Italy

Crowds and temperatures begin to drop off in Italy in September, making it one of the best times of the year to travel. Everyone comes to Italy for the unforgettable food – but to make your trip extra memorable, try a cooking class. Bringing home a new skill is the best souvenir! Make sure you explore past Rome and Venice – some of the most beautiful places in Italy are its countryside and its coastlines.

October: Australia

October in Australia is springtime and it is also the shoulder season – a perfect time for lower prices and ideal temperatures – not too cold and not too hot. If you are looking to visit multiple destinations within Australia to make that long flight worth it, springtime is absolutely the best time to do this. Rent a car and get out on the road and enjoy everything this incredible country has to offer. 

November: Thailand

November is the end of rainy season in Thailand, with the ideal warm weather that’s not too humid or hot, and much fewer crowds, making it an excellent time of year to visit. Head to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Northern Thailand for perfectly sunny days, and head south to enjoy the stunning islands before the crowds of peak summertime come. 

December: Canada

Now that you’ve enjoyed a perfectly sunny year, it’s time to fully lean into winter wonderland adventures. Canada in December is an absolute dream, with ideal snowy conditions that make snow sports incredibly enjoyable: go skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, ice skating, and/or cross-country skiing. Expect more crowds close to the holidays so be sure to book early. Bundle up, drink lots of hot chocolate, and enjoy a very special time of year in one of the most beautiful destinations.

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