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The Ultimate Oregon Road Trip

The Ultimate Oregon Road Trip

I was lucky enough to have spent my childhood in Oregon, and I’ve spent countless days, months, and now years exploring the state I grew up in. A few summers back, I set out on an epic road trip through Oregon to capture the amazing diversity of Oregon state and its...

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Hey I’m Rebecca!

I’m a travel & outdoors photographer and blogger living in the US but you can find me adventuring around the globe! On this blog I share tips to help you improve your photography, inspiration to explore the outdoors, destination guides, and travel tips, and more to plan your own adventures!





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10 Reasons Why You NEED Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip

10 Reasons Why You NEED Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip

You’re packed, you’re prepped, you’re ready to take on the trip of a lifetime. But what if something goes wrong and it impacts your trip? As travel becomes busier and crazier, travel insurance is becoming more of a necessity. But is travel insurance worth it? What...