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The Ultimate Oregon Road Trip

The Ultimate Oregon Road Trip

I was lucky enough to have spent my childhood in Oregon, and I’ve spent countless days, months, and now years exploring the state I grew up in. A few summers back, I set out on an epic road trip through Oregon to capture the amazing diversity of Oregon state and its...

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I’m a travel & outdoors photographer, and a solo adventure travel blogger living in the US but you can find me adventuring around the globe! On this blog I share destination guides, travel tips, tips to help you improve your photography, inspiration to explore the outdoors, and more to plan your own adventures!





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5 Best Excursions in Puerto Rico For an Unforgettable Trip

5 Best Excursions in Puerto Rico For an Unforgettable Trip

Puerto Rico is FULL of adventure - here are my top 5 favorite tours to help you explore everything this amazing island has to offer!Puerto Rico is one of those dreamy places I just CANNOT get enough of. And this little island packs a punch - from stunning architecture...