10 Days to Become a Social Media Boss?! – My Experience with the Institute of Code’s Bali Bootcamp

What the course covered

  • Branding and finding your niche
  • Planning and creating content
  • Creating a social media strategy
  • Storytelling and becoming a thought leader
  • Building an audience and growing engagement on social media
  • Creating engaging blog posts
  • Driving blog traffic with Pinterest
  • Photography & photo editing in Lightroom
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Learning how to pose in photos
  • Styling a scene for commercial shoots
  • Marketing, contracts, and working with brands
  • How find clients for freelance work and make money (!)

Our home base

All of this is set up – not to just be a luxury Balinese vacation (although it certainly feels like one) – but it is actually purposefully designed so that the only thing you have to worry about is learning. Someone asked me why I had to travel all the way to Bali to learn how to become an influencer – this is why. The Institute of Code asserts that when everything is taken care of – transport, meals, accommodation, exercise and mental health (yoga and meditation) – your brain is freed of everyday stress and is open and capable of learning more in 10 days than you would have ever imagined possible.

A day in the life

Instagram-worthy photo trips

Bali may be small, but between beaches, rice terraces, cloudy volcanoes, and towering waterfalls, it is definitely an impressive place to take photographs. But landscapes are not the only thing to love – the cafes in Canggu are just as Instagram-worthy, and there was so much more to explore: the markets of Ubud, spas offering traditional Balinese massage, surfing, diving, gardens, temples … the list goes on.

I ended up spending an extra 3 days traveling around Bali, which I am so incredibly happy I did. At the end of the course, I was emotionally exhausted from pushing myself to truly know myself and my business, and I was physically exhausted from the long hours and early mornings. But despite that, I pushed myself to hit a few more sunrises and sunsets and see as much of Bali as I could. It was definitely an exhausting way to finish the trip, but I would have been absolutely crushed if I had traveled so far and not spent a little extra time to get more content and see more of this amazing country. The added bonus of finishing on a photo trip was that I could take all the lessons I learned and apply them before heading home – who knew when my next big photo trip would be.

My review and life post-course

Reflecting back on the course, I can’t believe how much I learned, and it has markedly changed my life and how I currently run my business. I am now only 3 months out from the course, and I would really like to look back at 6 months and 1 year for a true sense of what I have learned and accomplished, but I can already say at 3 months that my day-to-day life and career trajectory are COMPLETELY changed from what I had been doing and where I was going with my business before.

During the course, there were quite a lot of topics I had never learned about before – since my background is in photography and editing, I never had the opportunity to learn the business and marketing side of being an influencer, so those lessons were invaluable for me. But on the photography side of things, we spent quite a bit of time learning to edit photographs, which was good for most students who never had that experience before, but for me it was mostly review, so I wished there had been more class time spent on the other subjects that we did not have time to go as much in depth in. When we were out shooting, I was also very surprised to find how much I enjoyed being in front of the camera (especially with the posing instruction and support from my classmates), since I usually am only ever behind the camera.

Before the course, I had started to piece together small aspects of how to make a career as an influencer, but this course spelled everything out, added so much more detail than I ever realized was involved, and definitely will end up drastically cutting down the amount of time I need to build my business up. That being said, we learned so incredibly much, that many of us felt completely overwhelmed when we got home and unsure where to start despite making a twelve-month plan. But in the months since the course, I have begun to figure out how to structure my time and what aspects of the course to focus on first so that I can achieve all of my goals. It also greatly helps that the course offers support after the course is done, and my classmates and I have made an effort to keep up our little community so we can keep pushing each other to grow and make our dreams a reality.

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