The Carry On Essentials I Bring on Every Trip: Travel Must Have Packing List

Chichen Itza at sunrise. Location: Yucatan, Mexico

Carry On Luggage Essentials List

Passport/ID and RFID-Blocking Wallet

Reusable Water Bottle

Noise-Canceling Headphones / Earbuds

Compression Socks

Lip Balm

Hand Lotion


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Phone Power Bank

Travel-Sized Liquid Containers

Sweater / Layers

Neck Pillow

Quality Eye Mask


Comfy Clothes


Optional Hand Luggage “Essentials”

Travel Adapter / Plug Converter


Hip Pouch / Belt Bag

Facial Cleansing Towelette

Hydrating Face Mask and/or Hydrating Facial Spray

Basic Medications + Prescription Medications

Travel-Sized Blanket


Toothbrush + Toothpaste

Acne Patches

Eye Drops

Extra Outfit


International Driver’s Permit

Face Mask

If you’ve made it to the end of this carry on essentials list, you are FULLY prepared for your next trip and when you bring these travel must have items, you’ll definitely notice a difference on your next flight! 

To make it even easier to remember, I’ve included a checklist down below – feel free to print it, copy it, pin it, or otherwise save it! 

And if you have any questions about anything covered in this guide, if you think I left anything out, or if you traveled with one of these items and have feedback, I’d love to hear from you – let me know in the comments!

Printable Carry On Essentials Checklist

Jul 9, 2024 | Travel, Travel tips

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