20 Bucket List Experiences to Have in Your Twenties

It’s never too early to start planning some epic bucket list experiences, ESPECIALLY while you are young! Don’t wait until retirement to live your best life, start crossing off those goals and experiences NOW!

Last year, I hit most of my bucket list goals, which was exciting on one hand, but on the other hand – maybe I should be dreaming even bigger this year?! So let’s check some big dreams off together and explore all the best bucket list experiences to have in your twenties (or while you’re still young!):

Take a road trip

Road trips are my absolute favorite way to travel – there is SO much to love: the open road, your favorite songs, trying new foods, and of course, seeing the most beautiful scenery! The best part? You get to see multiple destinations in a single trip and half of the enjoyment isn’t just the destinations but also the journey itself.

Bonus – you can cart all your stuff in a car and not on your back or in a suitcase! If you have already taken a road trip, how about trying VANLIFE?! Rent a campervan and take that on the road next time!

Go on a solo trip

Solo trips are less scary than you think, I promise! Solo traveling has been LIFE changing for me. Stop waiting around for others to join and just GO! On a solo trip, you get to be completely in charge of the experiences, activities, food, and breaks – pretty much whatever YOU want goes! Even if it’s just a day trip or taking yourself out to dinner, treat yourself to some self-love and some “selfish” traveling. Take it one experience at a time and work up to a full solo trip. Trust me, once you’ve been bit by the solo travel bug, you won’t ever look back!

subaru forester camper conversion

Visit somewhere new in your hometown

NOT everything has to be a big, expensive trip – I bet there is PLENTY to explore right in your own backyard! Play tourist in your own city or state, and explore just how many things you didn’t even realize where there. Try a new restaurant, have a staycation somewhere else in town, learn a new skill, search out some obscure landmark – just find ways to put more adventure into your everyday. You don’t always have to go to some far-off destination; there is so much beauty in your own hometown just waiting to be discovered. For me personally, I’m pretty sure in my home state of Oregon I will never EVER see all of the waterfalls in the entire state, but I do think I could eat my way through Portland pretty well.

See Some Amazing Wildlife

I am such an animal lover and it has been so incredible to see wildlife on my past adventures, from birds to deer to foxes, all the way up to lions and elephants. Animals are truly one of the most amazing parts of this planet and you’ll never regret seeing them in the wild.

***Just make sure you maintain a safe distance from wildlife, never feed them, and if you are unsure about anything at all just Google your location + “wildlife rehab” and you’ll be sure to find an organization that can help answer any questions.

Other potential animal trips can include  – going whale watching, taking a horseback trail ride, visiting an animal sactuary, and more! Just be sure to Google whether your experience is ethical and make sure the animals are treated well or being viewed responsibly.

Woman in yellow dress poses in front of Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico

Visit a new country

Every year, my bucket list is to visit a new US state, a new national park, and a new country – and I think you should make this your goal too! This year, push yourself outside your comfort zone and visit a new country – experience a culture different from your own, immerse yourself in the sounds of a new language, try some new cuisine, and see some incredible sights that are completely different from what you’re used to.

Traveling to other countries sooo worth saving up for; it will make your entire life richer and open your eyes to new ideas and sights you never even dreamed of before. Save up for a big trip by making your own food instead of dining out, cut your spending expenses, and utilize travel points on credit cards or frequent flier miles.

Hike through a National Park

Go to a Place You Never Thought to Visit

scuba diving in turks and caicos

Learn a New Skill (or Language!)

Pursue Your Dream Job

Go Camping (or Backpacking!)

hiking in a cave in sedona, arizona

Catch a Sunrise

Go on a Girls Trip

Don’t have travel besties yet?

Don’t worry if you don’t have anyone to travel with YET – I can help with that! I lead group trips and we often have women-only adventures. Join us and connect with fellow travel lovers!

what to do in quarantine

Read more books!

Relax on a Tropical Island

hiking in a cave in sedona, arizona

Try a New Food or Take a Cooking Class

Revisit a Favorite Place

bird photography tips

Stargaze in a Dark Sky Park (or in Your Backyard!)

Attend a Conference

hiking in a cave in sedona, arizona

Create New Holiday Traditions 

hiking in a cave in sedona, arizona

Face a Fear

15 bucket list experiences to have in your twenties
15 bucket list experiences to have in your twenties
15 bucket list experiences to have in your twenties

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