The 20 Best Places for Female Solo Travel Around the World

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1. Portugal

I began a lot of my solo travels in Europe because it was a very seamless transition as an American. Europeans are very used to tourists, and English is widely spoken in many countries here. So to say Portugal blew me away and then some (after visiting almost half the countries in Europe!) is the biggest understatement I can say! Portugal is not only beautiful, with incredible coastlines and glowing cities, but also it is one of the more affordable destinations in Europe. Make sure to try a pastel de nata for breakfast!

Woman in yellow jacket stands in front of Los Cuernos in Chile, Patagonia

2. Singapore

Singapore is one of the SAFEST countries in the entire world – ranked the safest in Asia and ranked ninth globally overall (in a 2022 survey). Most people only experience Singapore’s airport on a stopover, but I HIGHLY encourage you to get out and explore more of this incredible destination past the airport – especially if you are a foodie or nature-lover. I recommend eating at the hawker stalls to try food from all over Asia, and definitely don’t miss out on Singapore’s breathtaking gardens and nature-inspired designs.

3. Ireland


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4. Turks & Caicos

If you’re looking for some island time, Turks & Caicos has been rated one of the safest Caribbean islands, and it’s one of the quieter ones too, which I personally quite enjoyed. Provo in particular is especially friendly and has fantastic beaches. I did my Advanced Open Water Scuba dive training here, and then spent the rest of the week relaxing at the beach – a perfect vacation! The only downside is T&C is definitely on the more expensive side, so I recommend staying in an Airbnb instead of a hotel, cooking some meals, and enjoying some local tacos and free beach days to keep costs down.

Woman in yellow dress poses in front of Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico

5. Germany

I might be biased because I was born in Germany and have returned multiple times since (for the majority of my childhood I grew up in the United States), but Germany remains a top pick I’d recommend to anyone wanting to travel solo. Many Germans speak English, and many of those Germans seem to even speak English better than native speakers! With trains connecting pretty much anywhere you want to go, Germany is easy to navigate and is overall very tourist-friendly. The food is delicious and hearty – perfect for a WINTER trip (Christmas markets anyone?!). If you’re visiting in summer, I’d recommend my personal favorite city, Berlin!

6. Thailand

Thailand might just be my absolute favorite country in Asia to visit, and it remains hugely popular with backpackers for a reason – it’s affordable and safe, with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, the most insanely delicious food, and multiple forms of transport, making it easy to get around. I recommend downloading the app “Grab” for Bangkok – it’s like Uber – and using the bus or shuttle to get from place to place. Many visitors stick to the islands (which are ridiculously beautiful), but don’t sleep on Northern Thailand either!

Woman in yellow jacket stands in front of Quilotoa Lake in Ecuador

7. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is officially part of the United States, and I honestly found it to be safer than many mainland cities! As with pretty much anywhere, I’d say to avoid too much exploring after dark (more solo safety tips here! LINK) – with the exception of you HAVE to try a bioluminescent night tour here. But my biggest tip would be to explore a bit of Old San Juan, but then make sure to get out into the mountains and nature of Puerto Rico – that was my favorite part!

8. Iceland

I have always felt extremely safe in Iceland and it is SO worth spending a bit more here to experience the STUNNING nature and jaw-dropping scenery. Either self-drive or book a tour to explore as much of the country as you can – my favorite trip here was road tripping the entire Ring Road (I’d recommend a minimum of 10-14 days for this to fully enjoy it!).

9. Australia

My first experience of Australia was spending 6+ months during a study abroad program in college, and it made me OBSESSED with this country! Australians speak English and are SO friendly, enthusiastic, and 100% ready to grab a beer with you. There is also a downright ridiculous amount to explore here – definitely don’t just visit Sydney and/or Melbourne and call it a day – PLEASE if you do nothing else, at least see ONE park or part of the beautiful landscapes here. For example, if you are already in Sydney, do not miss out on the Blue Mountains!

10. Japan

Japan is amazing for so many reasons: the stupendously delicious food, the incredibly beautiful nature, the rich culture, the bustling cities, and also the quiet villages. Despite Japanese being a difficult language for English-speakers – in part due to an entirely different writing system! – I found it actually very easy to figure out travel and getting around. The trains, metro, and buses are all fantastic to get around and truly set the standard for public transport. Again, don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path here and explore past Tokyo and Kyoto – once you get into the countryside of Japan you’ll feel like you’re in a Studio Ghibli film!

11. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the PERFECT destination for your solo Central America travels, especially if you love nature, wildlife, and adventure. From beaches to rainforests, Costa Rica has a bit of it all. Enjoy a piece of “pura vida” and relax on the beach, or dive into adventures like ziplining, birdwatching, and hiking volcanoes. Make sure you try the coffee here and prepare to fall in love with this stunning country. I have been back a few times and even host group trips here – that’s how much I love it and want to share this amazing place!

12. Scotland

I spent a week road tripping the Scottish Highlands and it was a DREAM. Scotland is a great choice for solo female travelers as it is extremely safe, the people are friendly, and English is the main spoken language. You will absolutely fall in love with the stunning scenery here – it’s like a fantasy novel come to life and you will pretty much never want to leave.

13. Canada

Canadians have a reputation for being some of the friendliest people in the world and I have to say I 100% agree! And this friendliness definitely makes this country all the more appealing for solo travel. Canada is also another place where the landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful; and bonus, you might even see tons of wildlife! I would recommend taking a road trip through the national parks of Alberta, or take a weekend trip in Vancouver if you are short on time.

14. Guatemala

I went to Guatemala on a bit of a whim and ended up being blown away. It is definitely an underrated place to visit and if you are into adventure travel, there is SO much to see and do here. I definitely recommend hiking one of the volcanoes or even just trying volcano pizza! Guatemala is very affordable and is a great choice for solo Central America travel. The only safety tip I would caution is to be careful of your stuff on the buses, and opt to book shuttles instead of driving yourself since the roads are a bit tricky to navigate. I ended up just using shuttles the entire time and they were all on time and exactly where they were supposed to be – super easy to get around.

15. Namibia

I often see that many tourists are nervous to head to Africa – which I think is a shame, it has so much to offer! So if I could suggest what I think is possibly the safest and friendliest African country as a PERFECT introduction to this incredible continent – it would be Namibia. Namibia has otherworldly landscapes, incredible wildlife (you can even self-drive safari here to save money!), and very friendly & welcoming people. For a solo trip, I’d recommend using the buses and taking tours to get around, as this country is HUGE – and you don’t want to get stuck having to change a tire alone with no one around for miles and miles! If you do opt to self-drive, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it – everyone I spoke to not only spoke great English but also were so kind and helpful when I had car troubles.

16. Norway

I booked a trip to Norway just because I found an affordable flight deal – and I am SO grateful this twist of fate brought me there! Norway is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and is perfect for outdoor-lovers. And as a western European country, it has many of the fantastic perks that make solo travel so fantastic here – great public transport (trains/buses/etc), and high safety and environmental standards. Summer hiking is incredible here, but it’s also great in winter if you want a winter-wonderland type experience.

17. Indonesia

Indonesia encompasses multiple islands which all have their amazing attributes, but for this guide I would like to focus on probably the most well-known island: Bali. Bali is BEAUTIFUL – boasting waterfalls, volcanoes, rich coral reefs, rice terraces and more. It also has amazing food – I did a cooking class on my last visit here and LOVED it! It’s also quite affordable – you can stay at a villa with a pool that feels like the peak of luxury but just pay “normal” hotel prices. For me, Bali absolutely lives up to the hype and I’ve visited it twice already – and probably will visit a third time soon!

18. Wales

Wales is so often overlooked because its neighbors England, Ireland, and Scotland tend to attract more of the tourists, but don’t sleep on Wales! Welsh people are some of the nicest I’ve ever met and were so enthusiastic about sharing their country with visitors. One of the things I loved the most about Wales is the “All Wales Coast Path” which follows (or runs close to) a whopping 870 miles of Welsh coastline (!). Stay at a hotel along the path and take the bus out for the day and hike back home, OR hike as far as you’d like and then take the bus back – no back-tracking required so you can see even more! Make sure to visit a castle or two as well!

19. Greece

The first time I visited Greece, I spent most of my time on the mainland (Athens & other cities), and honestly didn’t love it. But the second time I visited, I spent time exclusively on the islands and it was one of my FAVORITE trips of ALL time! I recommend picking 1-3 islands to hop around on and make sure at least ONE of them is somewhere less popular/touristy, so you can experience what I loved about the Greek islands: slow pace, delicious local specialty foods, sunny beaches, beautiful countryside, and people who will treat you like long-lost family who have finally come home.

20. New Zealand

New Zealand has a reputation for being one of the prettiest places on the entire planet, and that reputation absolutely holds up. Kiwis (slang for the local people) are SO incredibly nice and my solo trip here felt like I was among friends the entire time. I would definitely suggest road tripping around one of the islands (I’ve done the south island so far!) and seeing as much of the jaw-dropping scenery as possible. And while it can be expensive, I actually spent less than I expected to as I spent most of my time hiking (free), having pies for lunch (try the venison pie!) at local shops (the best & most affordable snack/lunch), and staying at Airbnbs with locals who gave me the BEST suggestions for even more amazing places to see there.

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